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Petteway, Wiley    11/26/2015     Send Flowers
Toudle, Vannie Lee   11/26/2015     Send Flowers
Lyons, Elizabeth    11/21/2015     Send Flowers
White, Sr, Nathan C.   11/18/2015     Send Flowers
Chadwick, Lucy H.    11/1/2015     Send Flowers
Hines, Arkie Oscar   11/1/2015     Send Flowers
Simmons, Joe L.    10/28/2015     Send Flowers
Jones, Fannie Bell   10/26/2015     Send Flowers
Petteway, Bryant    10/26/2015     Send Flowers
Weatherspoon, Matthew    10/23/2015     Send Flowers
Brown, Marietta    10/22/2015     Send Flowers
Lacy, Jr, Tandy    10/22/2015     Send Flowers
Buchanan, Henrietta    10/18/2015     Send Flowers
James, Jr, William Thomas   10/12/2015     Send Flowers
Brown, Judge Lenster   10/6/2015     Send Flowers
Chadwick, Timikyo    9/30/2015     Send Flowers
Reid, Lawrence R   9/30/2015     Send Flowers
Shepard, Jimmy T.    9/30/2015     Send Flowers
Williams, Emmaline James   9/29/2015     Send Flowers
Kornegay, Jr, Johnie    9/28/2015     Send Flowers
Sessoms, Mae    9/27/2015     Send Flowers
Kinsey, William E.   9/26/2015     Send Flowers
Martin, Mathew Cole   9/26/2015     Send Flowers
Jeffery, Lucy E.   9/24/2015     Send Flowers
Johnson, Lanier    9/20/2015     Send Flowers

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